Jewelry Scale

SF-480 10kgx1g 5kgx0.1g 5kgx1g Digital Backery Electronic Kitchen Food Scale

  • Product name: Kitchen scale
    Capacity x Division : 5kgx0.1g 10kgx1g 5kgx1g
    Unit: kg g lb oz ct tl gsm
    Battery: 2 x AAA
Direct supply from the manufacturer
Order phone:+86 139 6168 5899


1. ON/OFF Button: Pressing this button will turn the scale on and off

2. TARE Button: Pressing this button will tare the weight of the load. The tare function will eliminate the weight loaded on the scale, such as a container or vessel. This will give the weight only of the items added to the container.

3. MODE Button: Pressing this button changes the unit of measure for the scale.

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